(Guest Blog) A Birth Story by Krysten Barnhill

What a surprise Krysten was! I remember talking with her at 3am on the phone when she was asking for some other ideas of what to do. She was so calm, you could hardly tell she was in labor. Knowing how far along she was when she got to the hospital I suspect she was…

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Birth story of Becca’s first born

Birth story of first born

I woke up at 5am in February 2014 feeling something different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was excited and felt like maybe today – 10 days past my “due date” – was the day. I ate some breakfast and googled “does early labor feel like period cramps.” I was so excited…

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How I became a Momma (and a doula)

Mother’s Day 2017 has arrived. Pictured is my first mothers day in 2012. I figured what better time than now to write about the birth that made me a Momma. This is long overdue, especially given my love and chosen career path for all things birth. No excuses here, I guess I have just been…

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