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I need an Induction, Now What?

You’ve gone through all the Evidence Based Birth podcasts and articles, and you’ve read all the Aviva Romm you can handle. You know the right move for you is to start medically induced labor. People telling you their trauma-filled story of induction or how awful Pitocin is, isn’t helpful. The big question now is how…

When will I sleep through the night?

When will I sleep through the night?  A loaded question often asked in the head of sleep deprived parents everywhere.  In the early days after birth we may be fueled by sheer adrenaline.  In the following days however, you run out of gas, and sleep deprivation can hit hard.  So how do we maximize the…


How to Know its Time to Go!

The big question, “When should I go to the Hospital?” Even before COVID-19 this was an important thing to know. The moment a birth person chooses to go to the hospital has the potential to drastically change a birth experience. Now, with COVID-19 taking another hit on hospitals, it’s importance is amplified even more and…


(Guest Blog) A Birth Story by Krysten Barnhill

What a surprise Krysten was! I remember talking with her at 3am on the phone when she was asking for some other ideas of what to do. She was so calm, you could hardly tell she was in labor. Knowing how far along she was when she got to the hospital I suspect she was…

Birth story of first born

Birth story of Becca’s first born

I woke up at 5am in February 2014 feeling something different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was excited and felt like maybe today – 10 days past my “due date” – was the day. I ate some breakfast and googled “does early labor feel like period cramps.” I was so excited…


Doulas are for Partners Too!

While birth doulas are becoming a much more recognized part of a birth team there is often a misunderstanding of their role during a birth. Some partners even fear a doula will take their place during the birthing experience. We want to throw that idea to disintegrate into the wind. Roses are Red, Violets are…

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