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Pregnancy, birth, and parenting feels easier when you have the support you need. We are passionate about connecting you with local people and resources for your journey through labor, birth and postpartum. Your village is here, with local perinatal professionals, classes, and parent support groups. Contact us for additional resources in your area.

Homebirth Midwives

If you are considering a birth outside of the hospital we highly recommend talking with one of the following Certified Professional Midwives who attend birth at home.


Central Mass Midwifery | Dina Fraize, CPM | Northborough, MA

Metrowest Midwifery | Kim Lueders, CPM| Framingham, MA

New Life Blessings | Vanessa Lewis, PMUS | Southbridge, MA

Birth Services | Joyce Kimball, CPM | Central Mass

Childbirth Education

Birth is nothing like the movies and there is so much you don't know you don't know. We only have so much time in our prenatal sessions to discuss the ins and outs of pregnancy so we encourage you to dedicate some time to take some Childbirth Education classes.

Below are some local out-of-hospital childbirth education classes. Each have their own flavor - see which one resonates with you.

Greater Boston

Hypnobabies Boston | Kelly Keenan | Wellesley Hills, MA

Moonlight Motherhood | GentleBirth| Karolina Maria | Worcester and Cambridge, MA

The Loved Child Belmont, MA

Childbirth Education at Newton Wellesley Hospital| Shari McBurney | In-hospital exception

Mindful Birthing Boston | Danielle Schuman-Oliver | Cambridge and Medford, MA


Central Mass/MetroWest

Moonlight Motherhood | GentleBirth| Karolina MariaWorcester and Cambridge, MA

Babies in Common | Janette Mesite Frem | Northborough, MA

Wellpregnancy | Julie Brill | Bedford, MA

Breastfeeding Support

Preparing for your and baby's breastfeeding relationship in pregnancy builds your foundation for success. We highly recommend taking a breastfeeding preparation classes. In addition, consider adding a professional lactation consultant to your postpartum support team. Along with supporting you by email/text or phone an IBCLCs can come to your home to help with feeding difficulties and are covered by insurance.


Out-of-Hospital Breast feeding Classes

Babies in Common | Jeannette Mesite Frem, IBCLC | Northborough, MA

Well Pregnancy | Julie Brill, IBCLC | Belmont, MA

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)

Greater Boston

Boston Area Lactation Connection | Kira Kim | Greater Boston

Boston Lactation | Heather Bingham | Arlington, MA

Christine Fischer-Rothman | Jamaica Plain, MA

Central MA / Metrowest

Well Pregnancy | Julie Brill | Belmont, MA

From Birth | Michelle Stolow | Maynard, MA

Rachel O'Brien | Sudbury, MA

Shelly Taft | Worcester, MA

Babies In Common | Jeannette Mesite Frem | Northborough, MA

Perinatal Counseling

Whether this is your first, second or tenth child, its important to reach out for support when needed. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are the center of a host of transitions and changes. Here are some counselors who specialize in these areas. Please let us know if one if these are full and you need additional recommendations. 

Greater Boston/ North Shore/ South Shore

Leggett Group | Roslindale, MA | Framingham, MA

Strong Roots Counseling | Mara Acel-Green | West Newton, MA

Maria Delorico | Boston, MA

Lois Freeman| Boston, MA

Central Mass/ MetroWest

Concord Therapy | Lauren Brown | Concord, MA

Leggett Group | Framingham, MA | Roslindale, MA

Emily Wing | Holliston, MA

Kaitlynne Vazquez | Sudbury, MA


Throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum your body goes through endless changes. Its important to go to classes and see professionals who specialize in woman's bodies and has a full knowledge of the changes our bodies go through during these great transitions. The right professional can make all the difference in the world for your body, your baby and your mind. 

Prenatal Yoga

Revolution Community Yoga | Acton, MA

be the LOVE | Maynard, MA

Synergy Wellness | Hudson, MA

Emily Masnoon | Maynard, MA - Also offers Online Birth Design Course

Prenatal Massage

Wellness in Bloom | Rebecca Susi | Bolton, MA

Synergy Wellness | Melissa Angel | Hudson, MA

Rachel Blessington | Worcester, MA

Integrative Wellness | Joy Mandler | Stow, MA

Mahina Massage | Somerville, MA


Nurture Whole Health | Libby Horesh | Concord, MA

Silver Leaf Acupuncture | Margo Voskanian | Southborough, MA

New Moon Acupuncture | Ece Yildrim | Watertown, MA

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy and Children

Kopleman Family Chiropractic | Dan Kopelman (webster certified) | Acton, MA

Worcester Family Chiropratic | Brittany Falcone (webster certified)| Worcester, MA

Community Chiropractic of Acton | Lauren Yeager | Acton, MA

Perinatal Bodywork Centers 

 Life Gate Holistic Living Center |  Groton, MA

Online and Private Perinatal Bodywork Support

Kara Coffin | 

Rooted Boston | Brigitte Arle | Boston, MA

Postpartum Resources (Doulas, PFT, Postpartum Fitness )

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum Doulas provide a host of services to you in the first few months after baby has arrived. They take care of you so you can take care of baby. Most help with everything from Newborn care and tidying up to breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Most important they help with the emotional and physical aspects of postpartum recovery.

Heather Chiancola | West Concord, MA

New Family Needs | Hilary Witcher | Needham, MA

Three Birds | Emily Lindbland ( multiples)| Hudson, MA

Nightingale Night Nurses

Hip to Heart

Emily Newberg

Newborn Care Specialist

Gentle Giraffes 

Pelvic Floor Therapist and Diasis Recti Resources / Perinatal Fitness 

Kara Coffin

Marathon Physical Therapy, Ruth Hensley, 425 Centre St., Newton, MA 02458 617-244-1990

Karlene Salguero Cambridge, MA
Inspire Motion, Natasha Neitman, PT, West Acton 978-795-4066
Pelvic Health Support, Kathy Kates, NP,  Office in Brookline and does home visits 617-651-1436

Women’s Health Physical Therapy at Mt. Auburn, Cambridge
Judy Curless, Emerson Hospital, Outpatient Therapy Center, 133 Littleton Rd. Suite 103, Westford 978-589-6855
Teri Halio, Emerson Hospital, Outpatient Therapy Center, 133 Littleton Rd. Suite 103, Westford 978-589-6850
Eileen Maloney, Emerson Hospital/Outpatient PT Dept 57 Old Rd to 9 Acre Corner, Concord, MA 01742 978-287-8200

Mutu System

InHara System


Sleep Specialist

Arielle Greenleaf - Expect to Sleep Again

Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Photography

Shirley Anne

Katie Bourgeois

Rhiannon Byler

New Parents Groups


Life Gate

First Connections | Acton, MA

First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center | Clinton, MA

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