Birth Doula Support

Walk Your Journey with the Light On

Our modern culture doesn't talk much about birth, particularly not with positivity or even accuracy. Families are often left feeling unsure or overwhelmed about the process and their options. With our birth doula support, you will discover how to find comfort in the intensity of labor, feel empowered to make choices that resonate with you, and be supported in this magnificent transformational time with love, and trust.

Our Birth Doula Promise

As your birth doula, we promise to use our passion and love for birth to help you have a birth experience you are proud of. Wherever and with whoever, we want you to know your strength and be prepared for your journey through pregnancy, labor, birth and into postpartum. We promise to use all the knowledge, experience and incredible network of Massachusetts birth workers we have to fully communicate to you how to have your best birth. We promise to help you feel supported and to encourage you to find your strength in every new situation and decision that comes your way.

You deserve to feel like royalty on the day of your baby's birth, to have your words heard, your desires met, and your power witnessed.

To add us to your birth team let's start with a free consultation. We'll get to know each other over the phone or video call, learn about what you're looking for and share how we can best support you.


The Full Moon Birth Doula Package

Perfect for those getting ready to experience their first labor and birth.

  • Two 2-hour prenatal sessions
  • Unlimited email, text, phone and video conference support throughout pregnancy
  • 24/7 on-call availability for labor and birth
  • Continuous support during labor and birth
  • One 1-2 hour postpartum session


A Hand to Hold Birth Doula Package

Perfect for those who are experienced in the birth world.

  • One 2-hour prenatal session
  • Unlimited email, text, phone and video conference support throughout pregnancy
  • 24/7 on-call availability for labor and birth
  • Continuous support during labor and birth
  • Brief postpartum check-in and availability via text/phone


The Golden Experience Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula Package

Ideal for those looking for fully rounded support throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenthood. Our whole team of birth and postpartum doulas are here to hold you. 

  • Two 2-hour prenatal sessions with birth doulas
  • One 1-hour zoom prenatal session with postpartum doula & lactation educator
  • Unlimited email, text, phone and video conference support throughout your pregnancy and early parenthood journey with your birth and postpartum doulas
  • 24/7 on-call availability for labor and birth
  • Continuous support during labor and birth
  • One 1-2 hour postpartum session with birth doula
  • Two 4-hour postpartum in-home sessions with postpartum doula


Your Birth Doula Team

Becca and Bethany sitting at New City Microcreamery in Hudson ready to meet new parents for a consult

Bethany and Becca are the perfect team. We have similar personalities and also have different strengths. We see you for two separate prenatal sessions so you have the opportunity to benefit from what each of us offers. We share with one another what we have learned and talked about at our prenatal sessions with you. This enables us to see varied perspectives and ideas that ultimately benefit you and your birth experience.

Getting to know both of us also enables you to feel excited about either of us supporting you and your partner during birth. You need not worry about a back-up you have never met. We are on-call every other week, which means we are well-rested (and have been able to make commitments to our own families) and are eager to attend your birth! Beginning around 37-38 weeks we check in and let you know who is on-call.

To make communication between all of us simple, we have one email and one phone number for you to text or call. As your doulas, you can call, text or email us at any time to ask questions, share news, or just chat.

Your Journey with Your Birth Doula Always Includes


Availability throughout pregnancy for evidence-based information and resources as well as emotional support for you and your partner. We provide resources and recommendations to all things birth-related including birth education, prenatal massage, chiropractors etc., and offer a lending library of books.

Prenatal Support

A time for us to get to know one another but also to help you feel prepared. We tailor prenatal sessions to your specific needs and package selected, but always discuss and provide a variety of evidenced-based information and birth options. We will talk about what to expect during labor, how to manage and prepare for the environment and team surrounding you during your labor (depending on where you have decided to give birth) and birth, give tips on how to stay home longer (if you have decided on a hospital birth) and review various comfort measures and techniques, e.g. rebozo, massage,  etc. We will also discuss on how you might mentally prepare and manage labor and birth, and practice exercises for optimal fetal positioning.

Labor Support

During labor, in addition to being a source of information to help you make the right decisions for you, we offer emotional and physical support at your home or at the hospital using various tools (e.g., tea lights, TENS machine, speaker and playlist, suggestions of labor and birth positions with and without peanut or birth ball, etc.,) to help manage all the feelings, help baby to descend and help your labor to progress.

Postpartum Support

We always continue to support you for 1-2 hours following birth to help get breastfeeding off to the right start (should you choose to) and to make sure the new family is situated and safe. If you choose, we will have a postpartum session within 14 days following birth. This visit gives you and partner the opportunity to process your experience as it can feel like a whirlwind. We are able to answer any questions you might have regarding newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartum body care and can give you any resources/referrals you are interested in or need in regards to infant massage, baby wearing, moms groups, postpartum recovery etc.

You deserve to have experienced guides supporting you on your birth journey.