Lactation & Newborn Care Education

Empowered Learning for New Families

As you approach parenthood, wanting only the best for your baby is natural.  Together we will build your knowledge and confidence to create the postpartum experience you desire, empowering you along this amazing journey.  With so many things to focus on, the transition in welcoming a new member to your family, the birthing persons recovery, your lactation journey, how to best care for yourself and baby, and so much more, our postpartum education will leave you feeling prepared for lactation, newborn care and more.

Lactation 101

As your lactation educator, I promise to provide knowledge and education to help you reach your breast/chest feeding goals.

Each family has different needs and wants when it comes to feeding their baby.  There are many factors to consider when making this decision, which can make it a difficult one.  In this course you will learn typical feeding behaviors of a newborn, feeding positions, proper latch, how to use a pump, proper storage, as well as trouble shooting, bottle feeding techniques and so much more.

Each and every step on this golden journey brings a feeling of empowerment.

Postpartum Prep and Newborn Care

As your postpartum educator, my promise is to provide knowledge and education to help you create the postpartum experience you desire.

We are all individuals, babies included, so although we all may go through the postpartum period, we do not all share the same goals or experiences.  In this course you will learn typical recovery methods, ways to promote healing and bonding, ways to manage food, sleep, guests and family, typical newborn behaviors, what things are actually needed and best for care, all the tips and tricks for successful sponge/bath time, soothing techniques, baby wearing, the list goes on and on.  Join me to build your confidence in caring for yourselves so you can best care for your newborn on this journey.

Preparing for this journey will bring success.

Lactation 101

This course is perfect for those wanting to build their knowledge and confidence in all things breast/chest feeding.

  • Course time runs 1 and a half hours
  • PDF file emailed after course completion
  • Question and Answer session at the end of the course

COST: $137

*Online option available via zoom $99

Most Popular!

SAVE $50 when you register for both Lactation 101 AND Postpartum Prep & Newborn Care

Perfect for those wanting to be fully prepared in all areas of your postpartum journey.

COST: $252

*Online option available via zoom $176

Postpartum Prep and Newborn Care

Perfect for those wanting to be prepared for your postpartum journey and caring for your newborn.

  • Course time runs 2 hours
  • PDF file emailed after course completion
  • Question and Answer session at the end of the course

COST: $165

*Online option available via zoom $127


Your Postpartum and Lactation Educator

I am a CPD (certified postpartum doula) and LE (lactation educator) with years of experience supporting families during their postpartum journey.  Additionally, I am a mom to two busy boys, now 7 and 11 years old.  I had vastly different lactation and postpartum experiences with them both, so know very well how each and every family and baby are different, requiring their own unique care and attention.  My experiences, and natural want to support and care for others, drove my passion to help create better outcomes for more families.  Teaching classes does just that as I only have so much time to provide postpartum doula support.

These courses lay the foundation for the postpartum experience you want and desire for your family.  Preparation and knowledge lead to better outcomes.  Knowing when and who to reach out to for professional support provides you with reassurance.  Are you and/or your partner heading back to work and want to know how to best prepare?  Want to know the best way to introduce your new baby to siblings/pets?  Interested in learning different activities to do with your newborn?  There is so much that encompasses the postpartum period and I cannot wait to help you achieve the experience you are striving for.  We will spend some time addressing whatever questions you have at the time.  When joining my class you will learn the many benefits my education and experience can bring to you during such a transitional time.

Your Journey Always Includes


We provide resources and recommendations to all things birth and postpartum related.  These include but are not limited to birth education, lactation, prenatal massage, parent groups, chiropractors etc.  Having trusted resources to reach if the needs arise is another way to create success on your journey.

Additional Support

Want the opportunity to extend support beyond what you gained in the course(s)?   Contact us to chat and learn more about the services we offer.  Having knowledgeable and experienced guides to walk alongside you on this journey give you the space to fully embrace your experience.  

Family Support

Adding to the family, whether this is your first child or fifth, creates changes to the family dynamic.  In these courses I will help you learn and see all the ways each member of the family play a crucial roll in support.  Family walks together on this path, which is vital to success.

Continued Support

Stay connected after your course is complete.  Whether joining us for parent hangouts or following us on social media, it is a great way to build community, connect, and chat with others who are sharing similar experiences and in like stages as you.  We hope to see you there!

You deserve to have experienced guides supporting you on your journey.

"Colleen helped me prepare for what breastfeeding was going to entail (beforehand) and was there for us when we got home from the hospital to make sure everything was going well.  She follows up immediately on anything and is so knowledgeable and patient, can't thank her enough."

-Nelia P.

"She (Colleen) played a key role in my hard but successful journey to exclusive breastfeeding with her lactation services.  I could immediately tell Colleen is passionate about her work and truly enjoys helping families." 

- Kayia J.