Childbirth Classes to Empower

Together we will build your knowledge and confidence to create the childbirth experience you are fully a part of. Take a walk with Bethany and other parents to learn about how our bodies change in the journey to birth and how we bring our babies into the world.  Learn about your role, what choices you have and how best your team can support you.


Journey to Birth childbirth education course is for any parent preparing to give birth.

Nine months is a tiny amount of time to learn an enormous amount of information. Our society has become more secluded. Families live farther apart and our community villages are smaller and harder to find. Gone are the days of being involved in pregnancy, birth and postpartum as part of our every day. Childbirth Education has become even more important to find an understanding and basis for the life changing event about to come. Join Bethany and other parents in learning about everything from how our body changes in pregnancy and labor and birth, through how to manage and prepare for labor, to your postpartum needs and choices. Bethany has been working in hospitals throughout Massachusetts for over 8 years and along with preparing you for labor she can let you know the ins and outs of where you choose to give birth!

  • How your body changes , what discomforts may come in pregnancy, why and what you might do to be more comfortable.
  • How to know when to go to the hospital and what to expect in labor
  • Labor exploration including, phases and stages, changes throughout, and laboring at home
  • Comfort measures and pain management options, tools and movement, in labor in and outside the hospital, with opportunities for birthing person and partner to practice and explore what works for them
  • How to be an active participant and make the right choices for you throughout labor and birth, especially in the context of hospital intervention and management
  • Your postpartum journey and becoming a parent, including choices for baby and newborn care

Upcoming Classes

None currently scheduled

CLASS FEE: $300 per team

Please be in touch to be notified for additional classes coming up soon.


Your Childbirth Educator

Bethany Leclerc CD(DONA) has been supporting and educating families throughout Massachusetts for over eight years as a birth doula. More recently she was trained by BACE, Boston Associated of Childbirth Educators, so she could fine tune her ability to provide a comprehensive childbirth education course. Using her passion for birth and desire for families to be in tune with the process of labor and birth Bethany has designed an interactive and comprehensive courses for anyone giving birth.

Bethany's desire to be surrounded by all things birth began to take shape during her first pregnancy and solidified during and after her birth experience. After becoming a certified DONA doula in 2015 and attending births and growing her own family, her passion only grew. Bethany soon became a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), an APPA certified placenta encapsulator,  and a childbirth educator. She also dove into finding ways to helping birthing people progress using  movement and spinning babies as well as informing families with evidenced based care to empower. In 2020 she also became a best-selling author by participating in a multi-author book entitled Bringing Birth Home.

She strives to help everyone she works with navigate the vast birth world, and know their own power, voice and ability to give birth. Watching families grow and seeing their transition into parenthood has been an honor she is continually grateful to be a part of.


"The initial meetings with both Bethany and Colleen were so educational and they helped me and my husband feels less stressed as we tried to prepare for the birth of our son."


"The opportunity to work with Bethany in preparation for the birth of my first child was the best decision that I made during my pregnancy. In a few words, I would describe Bethany as calm, patient, and empathetic.

- Courtney.


You will also benefit from:


We provide resources and recommendations to all things birth and postpartum related.  These include but are not limited to birth education, lactation, prenatal massage, parent groups, chiropractors etc.  Having trusted resources to reach if the needs arise is another way to create success on your journey.

Additional Support

Want the opportunity to extend support beyond what you gained in the course(s)?   Contact us to chat and learn more about the services we offer.  Having knowledgeable and experienced guides to walk alongside you on this journey give you the space to fully embrace your experience.  

Family Support

Adding to the family, whether this is your first child or fifth, creates changes to the family dynamic.  In these courses I will help you learn and see all the ways each member of the family play a crucial roll in support.  Family walks together on this path, which is vital to success.

Continued Support

Stay connected after your course is complete.  Whether joining us for parent hangouts or following us on social media, it is a great way to build community, connect, and chat with others who are sharing similar experiences and in like stages as you.  We hope to see you there!

You deserve to have experienced guides supporting you on your journey.