There may be a misconception the support you receive from two doulas is somehow less then one. We want to give you a more accurate perspective. In fact, you will have a deep connection not just with one but with two people. You will have all the dedication, support and heart not just from one but from two people. You will have knowledge and resources not just from one but from two people. Two heads and hearts are better then one.

We have similar personalities and also have different strengths. We see you for two separate prenatal sessions so you have the opportunity to benefit from what each of us offers. During those prenatal visits we learn what’s important to you and help you to envision and prepare for your birth. As doulas, we share with one another what we have learned and talked about at our prenatal sessions with you. This enables us to share multiple perspectives and ideas that ultimately benefit you and your birth experience.

Getting to know both of us also enables you to feel excited about either of us supporting you and your partner during birth. And you need not worry about a back-up you have never met. Our on-call schedule is every other week. Beginning around 37-38 weeks we check in and let you know who is on-call.

To make communication between all of us simple, we have one email and one phone number for you to text or call. You can call, text or email us at any time to ask questions, share news, or just chat.

We have known each other for over a decade and love working together to support our families. We are a fantastic team and very much look forward to helping you to be informed, calm and confident during your birth!

Contact us so we can learn about you! We can’t wait to meet you.
With love,
Bethany and Becca

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