Allow me to preface this post by saying Kaitlynne was one of my amazing doula clients. When I met with her and her husband at my local ice cream place we hit it off immediately 🙂 Somehow we began to talk about music and how much I feel music has the ability to help during labor. I could see her eyes begin to light up and she immediately began to tell me about the playlists she would create and about her love for music. She wasn’t kidding. She never stopped using her music to help guide her mind, no matter if she was in active labor, transition or pushing. She let her music move right through her and her body. I have seen women dance through labor but I have never seen nurses dance while a women pushes. Kaitlynne’s music was not all soft and quiet like much of the playlist I bring for some of my clients births. It was full of bang and flavor and hard for the birth team to not do a little shimmy to here and there. I also witnessed Kaitlynne give out a big smile and laugh while pushing when her playlist played the perfect song. (and no it wasn’t push it) What a happy and peaceful environment she created for her little ones birth.

I would also like to mention that Kaitlynne is an advocate for perinatal depression and anxiety support and education. Neither of which women are receiving even close to enough of. She recently did the Climb out of the Darkness Walk with Team Nashoba Valley In Acton, MA. What an incredible person she is and how honored I was to be a part of her birth journey. This year she  also created her own practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Perinatal Mental Health Certification. Read on to find out the birth story of her sweet babe.

– Bethany

A Birth Story by Kaitlynne Vasquez

My birth story started out like any one else’s: Eager to meet my first born surprise baby. I remember baking chocolate chip cookies 24 hours prior to going into labor. I am an avid baker, so it was really no surprise that one of the last things I did was bake a TON of cookies (#nesting). For the last few weeks leading up to the arrival of our baby, I was able to work from home. That Friday I vividly remember my 2 cats being glued to me all day long. I took a walk at lunch time, and instead of doing work, I napped on and off and watched Netflix the couch for the afternoon. When the “work day” was over, I got myself ready to head to the barre studio I teach at. I noticed some thicker than normal discharge but continued on. I went to the studio to prepare my final class to teach (the next morning) and make a kick ass playlist. When I left, I grabbed a chicken cutlet sub and a Pepsi and went home to relax. Little did I know, our baby had other plans!

Almost as soon as I got home I noticed more discharge, and this time I was sure it was the mucus plug. I wasn’t very hungry and started to feel crampy. My husband came home from work then went out into the city with his friends, neither of us realizing our little babe was on his way! A few hours later I texted him that I thought I was having contractions and that he should come home. When he arrived I was getting more uncomfortable and we knew it was happening! I let our doula know and I planned to labor at home for as long as possible. I made it until about 1am, and then knew it was time to head to the hospital. When we arrived, the nurse told me I was only dilated 1cm. “EXCUSE ME?!” I initially was disappointed and scared, but I said to my husband, well let’s get to work so we can meet our baby! I walked (really squatted) up and down the hospital halls and stopped for contractions for a couple hours until things heated up. Made my way into the room around 3am (our doula had arrived at that point), she set up candles, dimmed the lights, and I put on my music playlist for labor. (As the total Type A I am, I had a playlist for contractions and one for pushing). I labored in the room and got in the zone, the theme song being Alicia Keys“Superwoman”. I remember being so focused on myself and my baby, and really had no idea what was going on around me. It was one of the most serene, intimate, incredible experiences I have ever had. The nurses and doctor were all fantastic; they all followed my birth wishes and not once asked about my pain or if I wanted anything to help with it. I had hoped to labor my babe without any medical interventions.

Things began to heat up again and I felt an urge to push. The doctor checked me and I was sure enough, 10cm dilated. THANK GOODNESS! I had my husband switch to the “push playlist” and it was game time. I remember someone telling me, “push like you are pushing out the biggest poop of your life”, and so I did. 20 minutes later and a handful of pushes, our surprise baby BOY joined us earth side with Katy Perry’s “Roar” playing in the background (how fitting!). I remember being so overtaken by emotions; pride (#medicationfreebirth), joy, excitement, and mostly above all, LOVE

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